We wish to inform all our valued clients and followers Glow Bight Spa & Beauty closed indefinitely on May 22nd 2021.

As owners have both recently had babies it is at this point in our lives, after much deliberation that we have decided to devote our time to being mothers and to direct our focus on our growing families and wish to do so without the stresses of running a business.

If you are a voucher holder we apologise and understand if you are unable to make an appointment in this  time frame. We will provide a full refund. TnCs apply. See steps below


We wish to sincerely thank our valued clients, friends and family for your past business and support over the years.

With much appreciation to all the kind and generous people that have helped us achieve the success we had along the way.

Please follow along Glows Instagram and Facebook pages for updates.

We kindly thank you for your understanding and encouragement of our decision.

Bonnie & Peg 


List of recommendations for future beauty and relaxation services:
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Phoebe Friendly / Bright
Cheeky Bits / Bright
Botanical Alps / Bright
29 Daisys / Bright
Elena Rose Beauty Therapy / Myrtleford
Chays’n’Beauty / Myrtleford
Gloss / Wangaratta
Ravashing / Wangaratta

Wodonga Beauty Room / Wodonga


YOU HAVE 30 days after Glows closure on
22nd May to complete the follow for a refund.
We deeply apologies to those clients who currently hold a Glow gift certificate, whether it was a recent purchase or you’ve been saving it for a while.
We understand your frustration and inconvenience we may have cause. Unfortunately with the business closing all we can offer you is a full refund to redeem your voucher.
If you are unable to use your voucher in salon before Saturday 22nd of May please follow the steps below in the following 30days of Glow closing.
To be refunded for your full voucher amount you MUST provide 


Along with your designated bank account for refund

If you have lost your voucher, your voucher is lost.

*If your voucher was purchased before November 2019 it has expired.

*Please note you have 30 days to provide information after this time all vouchers are voided.

*Last date to put through refund details is 23rd June.

*Please allow up to 3- 6 weeks before receiving your refund.